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Your loving pet will receive the same quality of care it received when alive. Your deceased companion will be treated with the utmost respect just as you would expect from a family.

  • We serve all pets
  • Your pet will be handled by a caring professional
  • Individual cremations will be performed
  • Cremation certificates are provided
  • Nationwide shipping is available
  • We offer “make it meaningful” selection of urns and other memorial products
  • Full line of products and memorials avaliable to view by appointment

Burial & Cremation

Today, there are several options available for your pet after the death occurs. As funeral directors, we can offer more information on burial in a pet cemetery or cremation. If you would like to bury your pet on your own property, your funeral director can help you contact your local government office to find out what is permissible.Cremation is another option. As with human, you may decide to have a private or public service.


Let Us Serve You…

  • On Site Cremation Unit – When you choose cremation, your beloved pet stay’s with us every step of the way and is cremated individually on site at our facility.
  • Memorial Products – We offer a wide variety of unique and personalized caskets, urns, markers, and other commemorative items to best remember your pet’s life. (Prices start at $30.00)
  • Advance Planning – Our caring staff will help you make arrangements before a time of loss, so you will know exactly what to do when the time comes.
  • Burial – For families preferring burial, we carry a variety of headstones, markers and pet caskets. We will also assist you with opening and closing of the gravesite.
  • Free Cremation for Service Pets – It’s our way of honoring guide dogs, police dogs, and others who help us in our daily lives.

Cremation Services…

Transporting Your Pet

~Same day transportation from a Dickinson veterinary clinic.
~Transportation provided by our professional staff using only clean mini vans.
~Transportation fee may apply.

Identification System

~Family name and pet name are identified on the outside of the container.
~Numbered stainless steel ID tags are assigned and recorded in our system.
~Signatures and dates are required for the cremation to take place.
~Signatures and dates are required to pickup the cremated remains from our facility.
~ID tag and paperwork will track your pet through the entire cremation process  

Cremation Process

~Cremation equipment designed and manufactured specifically to perform cremation.
~A clean and total cremation, performed individually.
~Cremated remains will be available within two business days.

Saying Your Goodbyes

~Comfortable and clean room for you and your family.
~Offers assurance and provides closure for families.